Steve’s Western Pacific Layout
Lower Track Plan

This is the track plan for the railroad as of July, 2003.  This is the main level. The plan was redrawn by Stan Clark and is also used on our Timetable, a sort of visitors guide to the railroad and its operation.


The track work in the yards has been omitted for clarity.    A future page will show the track work in the yards.


As you follow the track from Oakland, when you depart Sacramento through the wall you will need to go to the next page. Then when you get to the  Spring Garden area you need to return to this page to continue on to Reno and Salt Lake.


Every effort has been made so that you stay with your train at all times, except when it goes under the house east of Sacramento. As the train climbs east through Oroville if you are bound for Bieber you stay on the Stockton side of the peninsula, if headed for Salt Lake you stay on the Oroville side. The track goes up the middle!


All those tracks on the left of Salt lake are the staging tracks in the Rio Grande yard. This yard is used only for unit trains and the California Zephyrs.