Steve’s Western Pacific Layout
The Throttles

The main line is served by 6 infrared throttles and 1 Aristocraft radio throttle. There are 6 fixed throttles at the yards. The infrared throttles were from a design provided by and refined by John Smith and built by John Lloyd.


There are 7 receivers on the ceiling throughout the railroad that transfer the signals back to the power packs.




These are the 2 amp power packs that we built. There are 6 of them.

This is one of the hand held intrared throttles we built. The top 2 buttons are direction of travel. The next button is fast or go. The red button is a fast step break, the one above it is a slow step break.

The throttles are returned to a holder that also serves as a charger. No more batteries to charge!

See the following page for our new throttles with battery powered locomotives.

These are the receivers that convert the commands from the hand held throttles to the power packs.